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In a search for the best single horse transport companies? You are the right place. We are a family-owned business and specialize in providing horse transportation in the US. Our goal is to accommodate your requirements and transport your horses in a safe and comfortable environment. For us, your horses always come first. We are known among the best horse hauling companies and do everything possible to provide premium satisfaction for all our customers.

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What We Offer

Horse Moving Services

  • Stable to Stable
  • Emergency Transport
  • Routine Transport

Horses Transport

We provide horse transport services to our clients, and our members do everything possible to meet your guidelines. If you are in search of the best horse transportation services, your search ends here!

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What types of horses can you haul?

Our trailer is set up to handle almost any type and size of the horse, including Ponies, Minis, Drafts, and Warmblood-size horses.

What guarantee you have about my horse health?

We are a professional horse transport service provider and have delivered continuously satisfactory services to our clients. We personally love horses and know how to take care of them during transportation or while they are instable.

Do you do short hauls of less than 50 miles?

No job is too big or small for us. Our company does provide horse moving services for journeys less than 50 miles, and we will be happy to assist you in this case.

How often does your driver stop on your longer hauls?

Our drivers stop every three to four hours to give the horses a rest and load them off the truck. Also, we refill any empty hay bags during this time so that they something to munch on while traveling.

I have rush transport that needs to happen immediately. Can you help me?

Yes, we have the flexibility to work with you on off-hours. If you have an emergency equine transportation requirement, do get in touch with us, and we will accommodate your needs.

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