Safe And Secure Horse Transportation Services

Whether it is a sport horse, recreational, or the next generation of talent horses, these animals require sensitive treatment, in terms of care, transportation, their stay in the transit area, loading and unloading at the airport, and during their time in the air. That is why we at Precious Horse Transportation, do everything possible to ensure that your horses enjoy the best possible treatment and comfort during the journey. Our high-quality horse containers represent the cutting edge, and along with industry-leading practices, we offer your four-legged friends a memorable and easing trip.

what we do to transport your horse safely

Trained team for horse trailering

Before your horses travel anywhere, our trained staff to guide you through the many requirements of equine transportation. We take care of all pre-flight needs, step by step, leaving you with complete peace of mind. We have years of experience caring for horses, transporting them, and checking their health during transit. We assure you that, with us, your horses are in a safe and peaceful transportation experience. We work along with you to plan your haul and regularly keep you in the loop before and during your equine transport


Safe Equine Transportation Services

We do nationwide horse hailing while our main office is in Dossman Lake Rd St Landry, La. We make routine scheduled trips, usually once every week. All trips we make are time negotiated, and we do our very best to deliver your horses to the destination within the time specified without any harm to your four-legged animal. Your horse is also allowed to get out of the trailer walk and roam on each stop so that they experience no or less amount of fatigue as possible

Horse Hauling Throughout US

At Precious Horse Transportation, we are all animal lovers and do the utmost to provide quality transportation service. We work with you to assure you a dependable and affordable hauling that you can rely upon without a second thought. For us, your horse always comes first, and our experience in this industry enables us to serve you in a manner that exceeds your expectations. The drivers that transport your horses are all licensed and insured lifelong horse folks. They respect commitment and show up on time, every time. We are also flexible and can ensure the safe and secure transportation of your horses during unusual hours and dates. 


Horse Cargo Trailer Services

Well maintained and sanitized horse transportation to move your horses carefully with hourly stops to check on horses and get them off the trailer for a while

door to door horse pickup


When you have a single, or just a few, horses to ship, this is our most economical option. We have daily and weekly routes, where we pick up and deliver horses as we go around the counties.

stable to stable horse transport service

Stable to Stable

Our unique stable to stable horse transportation services include everything from arranging the required blood tests of horses, obtaining the necessary permits, and customs documentation. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in transporting horses from one stable to another, and we are here to assist you through the entire procedure.

Private Shipment

Our cargo vans can be privately chartered to transport your horses to your provided destination on a specified date and time, anywhere in the country. With private shipment, there will be no other horses on board, and this option suit best if you have an emergency or need to attend a farm show on a specific date.

professionals horse careers


In all types of equine transport, the horses must be taken care of and are loaded in a safe and secure container. Not only do we cater to this requirement, but we also make the horse’s well-being our priority. Along every transportation route, we have professionals that look after your horses, feed and walk them, and make sure they are in no position to get hurt. Our professionals are specially trained and qualified in this area and ensure the horses arrive at the destination in the best condition possible.

How To Get Our Horse Transport?

Step 1: Get a Quote.

To initiate the process and get your horse shipped, the first thing you need to do is to “Get a Quote.” You can do this by filling a short form or dropping us a message using the contact form or sending us an SMS on our designated numbers. Once we receive your message, one of our representatives will get in touch with you to guide you about the further procedure. You may EMAIL at

Step 2: Book a Trip.

The next step to get your horse shipped is by booking the trip. You can do this by sending us your booking information via email. The details should be more informative and clearer than the quotation form since we require detailed information to communicate with all individuals involved in the process. If there is any other person that will receive your horses, please mention his name and contact information.

Step 3: Confirmation and pick-up.

Once you have sent us the booking information, you will receive a confirmation email of your order within the next 24 hours. In case you don’t receive the confirmation email, don’t hesitate to contact us on our numbers or via email. We will inform you about our team, who will be assigned to execute the delivery process. We always try our best to choose the trailer or truck that meets your expectations and live up to your requirements.

Premium Horse Trailer Transport

perfect equine transport services

At Precious Horse Transportation, we know how important it is to prove safe, dependable up to the benchmark services. For this, we regularly inspect our trucks and trailers, stay informed about the applicable equine transportation laws to provide you the best out of the best.

Our nationwide horse hauling services are carried in vehicles, including one-ton GMC and Sundowner 6 slant horse trailer, both of which are low to the ground for easy boarding and contain wide stalls and high ceilings for our four-legged friends.

Our trailers can also be configured with box stalls in case your horses require extra room. When working with us, you can always feel secure knowing we never overload our trucks or their capacity and that our drivers regularly give your horse the attention it needs throughout the journey.

All stalls have the best quality hay and water that are checked after every few hours to make sure they are full. Specializing in horse boarding services, we assure you that your horses are our top priority, and we do our best to attend them regularly during the process.

Our concern and care are always about the well-being of your horses. You can be sure of your horse health when you ship with Precious Horse Transportation, and we assure you that your horse will be well taken care of until we deliver it to your destination.

All of horses boarding and transportation is done with a team of the owners – Clinton and Kenny, who are professional in dealing with uncertain issues and has been in the industry for years.

Both are not only conscientious behind the wheel; they always keep in mind the cargo they carry and have full knowledge of how to operate the rigs properly. Both genuinely love horses and do their utmost to treat them well during the entire journey. From the process of quotation to the final destination, your animal’s best interest is something our team never compromise, while keeping you connected through the process.

On the road, our drivers are equipped with cellular phones, so you can contact any time to inquire about your horses. Your horse will be well taken care of by our team members as if it were our own, and we will feed them the best quality foods during the journey. We also follow special instructions, and if you have some, do let us know before we start the journey of transporting your horses.


We are proud to have worked in the following states

Alabama (AL)

Hawaii (HI)Massachusetts (MA)New Mexico (NM)South Dakota (SD)
Alaska (AK)Idaho (ID)Michigan (MI)New York (NY)Tennessee (TN)
Arizona (AZ)Illinois (IL)Minnesota (MN)North Carolina (NC)Texas (TX)
Arkansas (AK)Indiana (IN)Mississippi (MS)North Dakota (ND)Utah (UT)
California (CA)Iowa (IA)Missouri (MO)Ohio (OH)Vermont (VT)
Colorado (CO)Kansas (KS)Montana (MT)Oklahoma (OK)Virginia (VA)
Connecticut (CT)Kentucky (KY)Nebraska (NE)Oregon (OR)Washington (WA)
Delaware (DE)Louisiana (LA)Nevada (NV)Pennsylvania (PA)West Virginia (WV)
Florida (FL)Maine (ME)New Hampshire (NH)Rhode Island (RI)Wisconsin (WI)
Georgia (GA)Maryland (MD)New Jersey (NJ)South Carolina (SC)Wyoming (WY)

Our Happy Clients

We served hundreds of horse owners and still counting… Join our list of happy clients today 😉

I was looking for some professional as my horse is difficult to handle. But These people get done the job with ease. Fast and safe transportation from Ohio to West Virginia.
george - a happy client
A happy client in Ohio
I am beyond happy with Precious Horse Transportation! They were so easy to work with and made the entire process very smooth. My horses arrived safely and on time, and I couldn't be more pleased. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable horse transport company. Thank you so much for everything!
jordan - another happy client
A happy client in Ohio
I was nervous about shipping my two pony horses across the country, but Precious Horse Transportation made the process so easy. The drivers were professional and knowledgeable, and my horses arrived safely on time. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable horse transport company. Thank you so much for making this process stress-free!
Rylee - Our happy client
A happy client in Toronto
I've been working with Precious Horse Transportation for a few years now. They're always on time, the horses are always well taken care of, and they always go the extra mile to make sure everything goes smoothly. I wouldn't trust my horses with anyone else.
A regular happy client

Unmatched Horse Boarding Service With The Perfect Arrangement

Our large fleet and experience enable us to provide timely and safe boarding of your horses nationwide. We stand out amongst the rest because.

professional horse boarding
  • All our trips and journeys are expedited and made as per the client’s requirement.
  • Our drivers and insured and professional and ensure that your horses never get injured during the journey.
  • We make stops every 3-5 hours. During this time, we fuel and visually inspect the truck and horses. At this stage, we also get your hoses off the trailer and visually inspect them for distress and health.
  • We feed the best quality hay and water for your equines.
  • During the trip, our team continuously monitor your horses using a closed-circuit video system installed in all our trucks.